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Bergen International Slam Poetry Festival 2022

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From Friday the 23rd, through Saturday the 24th, the festivities will include everything from artist introduction live performances, live set slam poetry performances, music performances to workshops and slam conversations covering everything slam poetry. 

Different passes have been made available for the different days.

DAY 1 Pass (Friday 23rd, 17:30 - 22:30): Live back-to-back introduction performances by all the slam poets in the Auditorium and live set performances in Olav H. Hauge and Alver. 

DAY 2 Pass ( Saturday 24th, 14:00- 23:00): full access to slam poetry workshops for beginners and aspiring slam poets, slam poetry panel conversations featuring experienced slam poets like European champion Miko Berry and legendary slam poet Shihan (Los Angeles and Def Jam Poetry) and another round of live performances.

FULL FESTIVAL pass, granting you access to both days.

Speaker’s corner 

The speakers corner has been set up in the hallway, as a form of open mic section for those who would like to showcase their work to an audience. So please come with your own presentations.

Thank you for being part of this movement, we look forward to hosting you!